Making Friends when I Travel Around The World

Today is so much easier to connect and keep in touch with people you spend some time together, or plan to spend more time.

Can you imagine before that?  Your only choice was expensive international call or taking the time to sit down and write an actuall letter.  Today you just run into someone interesting and within  seconds you exchange Instagram or facebook. Even facebook I think its still little more personal to ask for.  But instagram nobody will reject you for following them or asking them to take a look at your photos IG (Phogoraphy4LA).

I had many different names for instagram before,  but how now I think LA deserves the name for all the photos I took over 20 years  in LA.  You can me many times at one place and you will still discover something different  or maybe the light is just perfect.  Or some nice girl passes by on her bike.... Photography is endless !


To Be Continued 

AirBnB Photography around the World !


by  Adrian Lew /

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