Before Asia, my 20 Years in Los Angeles !

1997 where I decided it was enough time spend in Europe and I was still young and full of energy before I was heading to California.

I did not arrive in LA first,  I made friends before that in Palm Springs.  So with my basic  English skills and $100 Dollars in my pocket it was a clear choice to start in Palm Springs first.

Palm Springs was amazing for the first 3 years,  it was friendly, clean and safe !   My father spend his winter months there to escape the cold weather in Europe,   he was amazing sculptor and even the market in Palm Springs was not there for Stone Sculptures ( he did few pieces in Marble and Alabaster.    

When I arrived I was lucky  that my Polish friends offered me a room for rent.  Not only I had a nice room but also a 2nd family,  lot of things to learn from them.  In Europe at that time we did not know much about the internet  few rich friends had it but it was not a thing that you would have access too.  My friend and member of houshould Matt showed me his access to the net,  it was unlimited provided by AOL.  Dial up speeds but still the world opened up for me.... 


To Be Continued 

AirBnB Photography around the World !


by  Adrian Lew /

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